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The Three Little Pigs: What Are We Building?

Many of you have heard of the story of the 3 little pigs who decided one day that they should each build a house to protect themselves from the big bad wolf.

The 1st pig built the house made of straw, the 2nd pig built a house made of twigs & the 3rd pig built a house made of bricks.

Soon, the big bad wolf appeared and blew at the 1st house made of straw. The house was blown away and the wolf ate up the 1st pig. The wolf then blow at the 2nd house built of twigs. Like the 1st house, the 2nd house was easily blown away and the 2nd pig was eaten up.

The wolf then tried blowing at the 3rd house made of bricks. He tried again and again but was unable to blow away the 3rd house. As the story goes, the 3rd pig remained safe from the wolf.

My Reflection

  1. In life, I have seen many people trying to take short cuts, the easy way out to problems. In short, people build organisations, careers & their life, made of straws & twigs. While it’s easier to build a house made of straws & twigs rather than of bricks. However, these do not last. In short, when the storm comes (adversity), their organisations, careers & life crumpled & collapsed.

Question : Is my house (life & career) built of straws & sticks? Or is it built of bricks?

  1. While it is easier & quicker to build houses made of straws & sticks, the bad news is that all success is achieved through “blood, sweat & toil/hard work”. Many see the glamour of success of Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Jack Ma but were unaware that behind the success,
    are long periods of sustained focus, single-mindedness, discipline, hard work & “pain” (in short, Living Covey’s 3rd Habit of What’s Important & Not Urgent).

Question : Do I look for short cuts in life? Or do I work with focus & daily discipline towards my goal?

  1. To achieve success & significance in our career or our life, it is important to pay attention to the foundation. Many of us who have visited construction site would notice that it takes a long time to do piling & foundation work (sometimes up to a year). Once the piling/foundation is done, the houses “built up” pretty quickly into 20 storey, 50 storey building within a short time.

Question : Am I “Sharpening My Saw” & building my own capacity on a daily basis? Am I learning new things about myself & the world daily (i.e. what’s my Learning, Thinking & Innovation Index)?

  1. It is essential to ask ourselves what’s Important to us & what we would like to be remembered at the end of life. Once we’re clear about our mission, vision, dream, passion, beliefs (Inner Compass) comes the discipline of Living the 3rd Habit i.e. prioritising and
    focusing on taking baby steps to achieve those dreams. Those baby steps provide the foundation of how we systematically & systemically (with discipline) build on our interests, dreams, beliefs, values, strengths & weaknesses to achieve our dreams & goals.

An Essential Question : Am I clear about what I want in life? How well do I know myself (Man in the Mirror) i.e. my passion, interests, dreams, fears, strengths & weaknesses? If there’s clarity, how do I live my life daily to manifest those outcomes that I desire? A daily lesson in Intention and Attention?

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