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Trust: The Little Sparrow

Some time back, I shared with Eugene Loh in 93.8 Live, “A Slice of Life” about the 4 stages in life i.e. i) Struggle; ii) Success; iii) Significance & iv) Surrender & how I suspect that these 4 stages are not linear. Learning to surrender, let go, trust & go with the flow may actually lead to less struggles in life.

This optimal state of happiness, performance & peace is what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the Hungarian Professor in Psychology, terms, “Flow”, what athletes call, “In the Zone”, what mind experts describe as an “Alpha or Theta State of Mind”.

Below is a child story called The Little Sparrow with this beautiful message:

Once upon a time there was a little sparrow,
She loved to fly so high in the sky
So innocent and free
One day while flying
She sensed an immediate threat
Looking down, she saw a hunter
With his pointed straight up at her
Ready to flee,
She looked upwards
Only to see
Even more danger
An eagle eyeing her from way up above
Like a piece of candy
The Little Sparrow with no choice to be free,
Decided to let go,
Surrendering her life to God,
In complete serenity
In that precise moment
A snake bit the hunter,
Who misfired his rifle,
Hitting the eagle
Setting the Little Sparrow free.

The Little Sparrow is a reminder to trust where we are at any given moment. When we learn to let go, it clears the way for peace & happiness.

The heart heals itself when we know how to listen to it. Befriending & mindfully surrendering to our most dread emotions, we discover the heart’s native intelligence“. Miriam Greenspan

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