Balance & Mental Wellness

10 Tips to Enjoy Life & have less stress

  1. Don’t interrupt other people’s sentences. People go to therapists because they feel no one is listening to them. Give friends, family, & co-workers that respect. They’ll be amazed & relationships will benefit.

  2. Make peace with imperfections. Life is rarely as you want it to be. The sooner you accept, the better.

  3. When you die, your in-tray won’t be empty. People leave work depressed if they haven’t got everything done. Everyone has the same 1,440 minutes in a day – just do the best you can
    with them.

  4. Be the 1st one to act loving or reach out. This is important because we’re stubborn. If everyone feels that “I’m not going to be nice to her because she’s not nice to me” then no one starts the process. Be the first to act – you’ll feel good & bring out the best in yourself & others.

  5. Ask yourself the question, will this matter a year from now? Unless someone is dead or extremely sick. Most of the things you’re upset about won’t matter in an hour, let alone tomorrow.

  6. Be aware of the snowball effect on your thinking. Don’t blow things out of proportion. Dwell on unimportant event & it quickly turns into a great big deal so fast you don’t realize it is happening.

  7. Let go of the idea that relaxed people can’t be super-achievers. There is a myth that unless you’re mean, jumping on people, or criticizing everything, you won’t get on. When you’re relaxed, you have a calmer wisdom, access to the more common sense & can see solutions more easily.

  8. Choose being kind over being right. People are obsessed with being right & proving it. Therefore everyone else has to be wrong. If you want to be peaceful & happier, you have to allow other people to be right at some point of the time.

  9. Every day, tell at least one person something you like or appreciate about them. You have to make it a habit. Turn your attention to what’s right in life, not to what’s wrong. Even if you don’t get a compliment back, you’ll feel good.

  10. Live this day as if it were your last… & treat friends as if it’s their last day too. Spend time being nice – you’d really regret it if your last conversation was spiteful& mean.

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