Spirituality and Authenticity

Character & Values: Anchors in Life…

I chanced upon this interesting read, “The Moral Bucket List” in The New York Times by David Brooks. David Brooks is an Op-Ed columnist and the author, most recently, of “The Road to Character,” from which this essay is adapted. I’m reproducing it below for your reading pleasure: The Moral Bucket ListThe New York Times, […]

Education Learning and Growth

Education, Creativity & Innovation

Someone once defined Creativity as the “ability to hold two opposing ideas in our head and still function”. Any one of us who have seen very young children in action will be amazed by their curiosity, energy and innocence. Sadly, some children lose this “awe and wonder” and the spirit of experimentation as they grow […]

My Happiness My Job My Vocation Purpose & Fulfilment

The Last Cab Ride (simple acts…)

A great story, “The Last Cab Ride” to remind us about our “human-ness” & “mindfulness” (qualities that all leaders must possess)… Enjoy… The Last Cab RideI arrived at the address and honked the horn. After waiting a few minutes I honked again. Since this was going to be the last ride of my shift, I […]

Spirituality & Mental Wellness

Living Life Courageously

As we know, one of the characteristics of Servant Leaders is having the “Courage to Set High Standards for Ourselves & Others”. A good way to start is to begin with the Self – “The Man In the Mirror”: “The challenge is not to win but to conquer the fear.It’s not the other people you […]

Personal Effectiveness Purpose & Fulfilment

A Renewed Life of Purpose & Possibilities

As this is the time of the year to reflect, contemplate, meditate & understand what has passed & what is to come, I have titled this piece, “Seeing Inward & Outward: A Renewed Life of Purpose & Possibilities”. A few quotes to get us going…“An unexamined life is not worth living”. (Socrates) “As Within, So […]

Spirituality and Authenticity

A Good Time for Silence & Reflection

While many people consider December as a period of party, celebration and merry making, I’ve always used this period as a time for introspection, reflection, thanksgiving & sense making. We’re two days away from the new year (2021). As CNA reviews 2020, things happening at national & international levels in a few documentary programmes, at […]

Transformational Leadership

Leadership & Organisational Health

Many years ago when I was a Principal of a secondary school in the East, I noted that many parents who wanted to send their children to a school would ask the question, “Who is the Principal?” It appeared that these parents must have read or instinctively understand John Maxwell’s comments on “Leadership”. Maxwell has […]

Emotional Intelligence and Adversity Quotient

On Fears (False Evidence Appear Real) …

Fear is one of the 8 primary feelings/emotions that if not well taken care of, can escalate into the secondary and tertiary feelings of frustration and depression respectively. To better handle fear, we need to: Understand some hard facts about Fears (usually due to past programming, memories, beliefs & lodged in the limbic system); and […]

Personal Effectiveness

Are You Hungry Enough?

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong reflected at one National Day Rally Speech that “Singaporeans are not as hungry as the Vietnamese”. He is probably right that our people today are less hungry, less disciplined, less hardworking as their predecessors i.e. immigrants who came to S’pore 50 to 60 years ago & turned S’pore from a […]

Balance & Mental Wellness

Work-life Balance…

Not too long ago, a leader of an organisation shared with me that he was concerned with his organisation’s climate survey results. When I took a look at the survey results, I told him that I would not be too concerned as his organisation has fared generally well in the “leadership” domain. The only ‘red […]